Incohearent Game
11 Nov 2020 admin

Incohearent Game

Incohearent Game

The growing number of drinking games available, including those created by the What Do You Meme brand. The Incohearent Game is a new choice that will get everyone talking– and laughing, no matter the event. The game is all about trying to say the right thing and decipher the card– hence the name.

This new game is designed for adults age 17 and older and is not intended for children, just as a warning. It can be a fun drinking game, but you don’t have to drink to have a good time. Keep reading to learn more about this game and what it has to offer.

What is Incoherent Game?

The premise of this game starts with three different categories of cards: kinky, pop culture, and party. Based on the category, the card will have a certain combination of words that seem like gibberish but actually sound like something if they’re said correctly. It’s a fun way to try to trick people and it can get a lot of good conversations going, and keep people laughing all night long. The game includes the cards and a fancy timer, along with instructions for how to play.

Fortunately, the game is pretty simple and it can be adapted for big crowds or small groups, and even allow you to play as teams. There is a lot of versatility and most users report that the cards are challenging and fun.

How Do You Play Incoherent Game?

The gameplay is fairly simple. There will be one person designated as the judge for every round. Their job is to flip the timer and hold up a card. Only they will be able to see the clues and the answer, while everyone else sees the random phrase that looks like gibberish.

The people must read the card aloud until they can translate or decode the phrase. Whoever does it first wins. If the group is struggling, the judge can use the clues to provide people with a little help. Only one hint can be used per round, though, and the card will be discarded if no one guesses. This goes on until three cards have been won or the timer runs out, and the judging is passed onto the next player.

The goal is to get to 13 cards. Whoever can decode 13 of the gibberish phrases first will be the winner. You might be surprised at just how long this can take, too, so be prepared for a long night of fun! It is a lot of fun for all kinds of occasions and with the flexibility in the rules, everyone can have a good time.

Fun Facts About Incoherent Game

What you might not know about this game is that it includes a high-tech sand timer that keeps near-perfect track of time during the gameplay. In all seriousness, though, this game is just the latest from the brand What Do You Meme, and it’s making quite a splash. It’s selling better than many of their other games did upon first release.

Plus, the game includes 500 different cards between the three categories, giving you plenty of gameplay even if you have a larger group. This game is NOT for children, but it can be a fun drinking game for those over the age of 21. For example, if someone elects to “pass”, they can instead be required to drink.

Where to Buy the Incoherent Game

You can purchase this game directly from What Do You Meme, as well as from most major retailers. It is even available on, making it easy to find. During the holidays, it may be more difficult as the games tend to be popular and go out of stock, but the manufacturer is ramping up its efforts to keep things well-stocked this year. Just be sure that you’re buying the authentic game made by What Do You Meme and not a knock-off or some game that is kind of similar.

Other Fun Drinking Games to Consider

More people are looking for fun drinking games these days, and while the Incohearent Game wasn’t necessarily designed for drinking, it can be adapted as such.

What Do You Meme also makes several other games that you can play, including the Buzzed Drinking Game and the original, What Do You Meme?

When you are shopping for the Incohearent Game, you will find that there are plenty of suggested titles out there. You can also read reviews of those who like this game and see what others they recommend to try.

One thing is certain– no matter what types of drinking games you have in mind, there’s something out there for just about everyone. Check out the selection available today and take the hard work out of creating your own drinking games.

Please party and drink responsibly.