The Office Drinking Game
04 Apr 2020 admin

The Office Drinking Game

The Office Drinking Game

These days, drinking games are more popular than ever before. People are constantly trying to find new ways to have a good time and entertain at parties. As such, they are creating their own games and helping professional game creators come up with all kinds of new ideas, too. “The Office” is a hit sitcom that’s been around for years and it has an almost cult-like fan following, so, naturally, there are people who want to turn their favorite show into a great game.

Keep reading to learn more about this particular drinking game, including what it is and where to find it, as well as what other similar games are out there. You’ll even learn about different variations, and yes there are usually at least a few for drinking games like this.

What Is It?

As mentioned, there are a few variations of this particular game. In general, The Office drinking game is designed around the TV sitcom, “The Office”, which features Steve Carrell and crew working in a stereotypical, satirical office setting. All of the games that are out there revolve around drinking, in some fashion, in response to something that happens or is said on the show.

Usually, the rules are designed around common phrases or occurrences, such as catchphrases or tropes. For example, most of the games suggest that you should drink or take a shot when Dwight says “Fact”, which is something that character is notorious for saying throughout the series. A good deal of the variations also mention Angela talking about her cats, or when Jim does “the look”– his signature look at the camera that breaks the fourth wall.

How Do You Play the Office Drinking Game?

As we mentioned, this game has multiple iterations. It will be up to you to choose the parameters and rules that you follow, but typically it involves taking a shot or a drink whenever a certain event happens or a phrase is said. You can even set the game to a time limit or number of drinks to ensure that no one gets too intoxicated.

Typically, you will set the rules and write them out (or print them out and post them so everyone knows what they are. Make sure that you don’t make too many, though, or it will be hard to keep up. Once one of the rules is broken, such as if someone says a certain word, then you drink. Make sure that you are settled in with plenty of drinks nearby and the rules in sight so that everyone can relax and have a good time.

One of the main reasons that people enjoy games like the Office Drinking Game is because they don’t require a lot of effort or attention. They are simple and you can just relax, enjoy yourself, and have a few drinks with your friends. When it comes to drinking games, the last thing you want is complicated and difficult to enjoy.

Where to Buy the Office Drinking Game

If you’re interested in playing this game, you’ll be both pleased and saddened to know there is no “official” game that you can purchase. You can check out all of the variations available online, print out the rules that you find, or even use what’s out there to come up with a list of your own rules for the game.

You can find a lot of other drinking games and Office-themed games that you can purchase and turn into drinking games, if you’d like, of course. For example, there is an Office-themed “Cards Against Humanity” variation known as Box Against the Office, which could be a fun drinking game. There’s also a trivia game and a DVD board game that can be added to drinking to make them even more fun.

Whether you choose the original game or purchase something different, you’re sure to have a good time drinking to one of your favorite sitcoms.

Other Fun Drinking Games to Consider

If you want to enjoy drinking games, you’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage of them available today. As mentioned above, plenty of brands are making new drinking games and party games for people to enjoy. You can find all kinds of pop culture games, card games, and other titles to try. Some of the most popular include:

● Never Have I Ever
● Do or Drink
● Buzzed Drinking Game
● Cards Against Humanity

When you look up the Office Drinking Game, you’ll probably find tons of other games worth trying, too. Check them out and see how much fun you can have.